Who for

Who is this for?

The reason is simple.
Everyone can have fun with it. Customers can undergo a natural peeling, some keep using it for a healing process, for others it works as a great de-stresser .

Natural skin peel

Uniquely, the Fish Pedicure & Fish Manicure treatment involving the Kangal fish are used as cosmetic skin peeling. This original and very natural hand and foot treatment is a great success in many countries.

Healthy Skin :

• a relaxing body exfoliation, no more dead skin cells ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


• remove dead skin cells also gives a relaxing feeling.

The skin is oily reflex stimulated increasing blood activity and brings a smile from which the stress leaves the mind and body giving way to feelings of happiness.

Psoriasis and Eczema Patients

Psoriasis Patients also benefit from a treatment using a spa with Kangal fish.
Flakes are chewed away and by secreting enzyme Ditranol it will eventually lower the itching and redness.
Reviews shows that after treatment the psoriasis patient has much less problems and seem to have no complaints. The redness and itching disappears. Regular treatments are needed.
FSC will specifically state that the skin condition psoriasis will not disappear but certainly will ease the symptoms and will remain away longer. Psoriasis comes from the inside and will keep coming back.

Calluses on hands and feet, dry skin and eczema

• This is a treat for the Kangal fish. After treatment, feet and hands feel lovely and soft.

Some health insurances pay for a trip to a spa in Turkey for a patient to undergo treatment. You can now do this in the Netherlands.