At this time we deliver 2 and 4 persons Spas.
The Spa can be made in any colour so that it entirely suits your interior.
Make it even more flair to print your logo in the Spa. Also different sizes of Spa are possible.
Together with the client, we determine what in your case can be placed.
FSC allows beauty salons, sauna’s, hotels and Spas to be the first in your area to offer the FSC Foot Spa treatment.
FSC provides specifically for medium and small wellness centres, pedicure- and beauty salons a whole complete package, including aftercare and counselling.
We provide one, two and four person Spas.

Our package includes:

  • Our FSC Spa is equipped with a professional water treatment technology

  • FSC food package

  • Guide

  • Original Kangal ( Garra Rufa ) fish

  • Lighting

  • Online marketing with the customer

  • We deliver and install locally


Also we try to work with you and for you the best possible profit project.

Communication is our top priority!