You are on the website of FSC (Spa Fish Company), we will try to convince and explain what an FSC spa can do for you. We are the supplier of the original fish from Turkey namely Kangal fish called garra rufa or doctor fish. Currently the Foot Spas are becoming more popular with health centres, hotels and beauty salons who purchase a Foot & Hand Spa as it is a natural way of an exfoliation.

Wellness centres and major hotels have already purchased a Foot spa, there are even luxurious spas in entertainment centres (Pasha in Ibiza for example)

For you it is important to be on time to step in and take advantage and make you different from other beauty pedicure salons (your competitors). We deliver throughout Europe and the Foot Spa will be installed on the spot. It is also possible, in consultation with you to deliver to you an exceptional spa.

This means that it does not matter whether you have a large or small space available, the FSC has a solution for you. We will also work with the client for a design for a media concept for an instant name recognition.

Compare with other Foot Spa FSC spas and you will see that you get more for less money with the result that you deserve the FSC Spa faster than those of other suppliers of Spas.